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Cold Air Intake

Get UP. Get Moving.

Cold Air Intake

Antiviral Benefits

FLO2 has a powerful blend of organic essential oils that can help lessen the likelihood and spread of certain viruses. FLO2 Is a perfect addition to your sanitizing routine when you’re in an out of crowded gyms in Boot Camp’s. FLO2 Is natural defense on demand!

Sports Performance

Did you know that 80% of fat is excreted through respiration, that’s right you actually breathe out FAT! In addition to increased Oxidation of adipose tissue, better breathing facilitated by FLO2s Ability to unobstruct your airways Can result in increased nitric oxide production, more endurance, and better recovery! BREATH NEW LIFE into YOUR WORKOUTS NOW!

Organic Essential Oils

In addition to the powerful vapors in FLO2 opening your airways, Strong evidence in medical literature supports that essential oils are effective in treating viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, and in providing relief from sleep difficulties and pain. The oils may also improve moods, such as anxiety, depression, and reduce stress. FLO2 has BROAD spectrum benefits that can be experienced immediately!



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Most frequent questions and answers

Organic aromatic essential oils that open your natural respiratory pathways.

The restoration and enhancement of respiratory capacity has many benefits including and not limited to: More energy, increases in endurance, focus, clarity, digestion, nitric oxide production, mood, relaxation, recovery, physical performance, immune function and more!

Yes, while FLO2 is not a medicine and claims for cures can’t be made. Camphor, menthol and Rosemary found in the FLO2 formula have been studied extensively and proven to have “antiviral” properties. Studies are found in the public domain on pubmed.gov.

Anytime! If you’re stressed, tired, feel, yoga, meditation, boxing, hiit, anxious, feel run down, pre-workout, post workout, before bed, a run, to study, in a sauna and in your shower steam!

In most cases you will spray 1-2 sprays in the palm of your hands, bring your hands together like a cup to hold water, then slowly, with your eyes closed start inhaling the vapors. Get as close to your face as possible while NOT making contact with skin if possible and take 10 slow deep breaths in the nose and out of the mouth.

You may experience a cool, tingling or a cool heat sensation. This is harmless to a majority of people and only lasts for a few minutes. Much like when you get sweat in your eyes, it’s only a momentary annoyance. If this feeling lasts longer then 10-15 minutes rinse with soap and water, if it still persists contact a medical professional.

While the formula is safe for children, we only recommend administration from adults. FLO2 must never be put in the hands of children under the age of 12.

We recommend no more then 8 doses within a 24 hr period.

No, unless you’re addictive to the restored respiratory capacity!

Absolute clearance of any obstruction on your respiratory pathways. Some of the deepest, most full and powerful breathes of air you will take! This will set the stage for higher levels of energy production and focus to achieve whatever is on your “to do list!”

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