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FLO2 Cold Air Intake 3 Bottles + 1 Free


  • Breath Easier. Train Harder
  • Organic Essential Oils
  • 80% Fat Is Excreted By Breathing
  • More Air, More Power
  • Made In USA

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More Air. More Power.


Sports Performance

Better breathing facilitated by FLO2’s ability to unobstructed your airways can result in increased nitric oxide production, more endurance, and better recovery.


Powerful blend of organic essential oils that can help lessen the likelihood and spread of certain viruses.

Organic Essential Oils

Strong evidence in medical literature supports that essential oils are effective in treating viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections, and in providing relief from sleep difficulties and pain.

Spray, Inhale, and Prevail!

Did you know 80% of fat is excreted through respiration? If you can breathe better, you can burn more fat.

Just  Breathe!

Get Up.
Get Moving.

What is FLO2?

FLO2 is organic aromatic essential oils that open your natural respiratory pathways.

When do I use FLO2?

Anytime! If you’re stressed, tired, feel, yoga, meditation, boxing, hiit, anxious, feel run down, pre-workout, post workout, before bed, a run, to study, in a sauna and in your shower steam!

Is FLO2 "antiviral"?

Yes, while FLO2 is not a medicine and claims for cures can’t be made. Camphor, menthol and Rosemary found in the FLO2 formula have been studied extensively and proven to have “antiviral” properties. Studies are found in the public domain on pubmed.gov.

"FLO2 is like turbo-charge for your lungs. It creates better energy, focus, and endurance."
Johnny Olsen
Johnny O'S Gymnasium


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