FLO2 Is the worlds first respiratory enhancement, Oxygen saturation supplement. Created from natural aromatic oils & designed to open your Airways so more Oxygen is available for athletic performance.

After my N.D.E in 2015 I was left in the Hospital intubated on a ventilator. My coma lasted 5 days, I regained consciousness on my birthday! Completely disoriented from a Pulmonary embolism, I extabated myself pulling all of the tubes out of my lungs. The doctors gave me a 50/50 chance. All of this was caused by an undiagnosed heart condition that I live with to this day.

The recovery was slow, it was challenging but I started building strength in my lungs and realized a very CRUCIAL FACT.

Oxygen is needed for every biological function, and if you practice breathing, if you can breathe better you can live better, train harder & maximize your efforts!